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Our Dogs 


This is Layla, our gorgeous tricolor F1 Bernedoodle! She is spunky, playful, and loves to run around our fenced backyard with our other girls! She weighs about 70lbs.  She is a very nurturing mama who seems to live to love her puppies.  She even insists on cuddling her little ones after they are weaned.  We just love to watch her raise her babies because she is such a wonderful mama!


This is Maple, our stunning tricolor F1 Bernedoodle! She weighs about 30lbs. and is a very sweet, calm girl!  She loves to sit in the kitchen while we make dinner, waiting for cheese to fall on the floor.  She thinks of herself as a lapdog and would be happy to snuggle in someone's arms all day if she could. 

Maple 8-17-23.jpg
Maple 8-17-23 (2).jpg
Maple 8-17-23 (3).jpg

This is Poppy, our lovely tricolor F1 Bernedoodle! She weighs about 35lbs., has an amazing temperament, and absolutely adores giving us kisses!  She loves to play with toys and is very human focused!  She also really enjoys spending time with her sister, Maple. 

Poppy 8-17-23 (2).jpg
Poppy 8-17-23 (3).jpg
Poppy 8-17-23.jpg


This is Oak, our striking tricolor Poodle who weighs about 38lbs.  He is a calm, sweet guy who has an easy-going personality!  One of his favorite things to do is curl up on the dog bed next to our couch with his chosen dog toy.

Oak (2).jpg

This is Simon, a handsome phantom Poodle who weighs about 50lbs.  He is a very gentle boy who loves to receive lots of attention from his people!  This beautiful guy is able to be a part of our program thanks to the help of a wonderful breeder we are very close with. 

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