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If you'd like to hear what our previous puppy families think about their babies, please read the testimonials below.

Bob Vance (Louie) Update 8-1-23 (4).jpg

Louie's Family

"I had been following tons of Bernedoodle breeder pages within WI but it wasn't until I saw the pups on Rose River's page that I immediately knew NOW was the time. I fell for Bob Vance at first site! I have never had a dog before and Bob Vance (now Louie) has been exceptionally well behaved for his rookie dog mom. We had one rough night, his 2nd night with us, but since then, he sleeps for 9 hours straight in his kennel! He ADORES everyone he meets. When each of my kids wake up and come downstairs in the morning, Louie's tail goes crazy, awaiting his morning hugs and kisses. He's very patient and approaches people with licks, never barks. Everyone who meets Louie is sure to tell us how lucky we are. Luck is an understatement ❤️ 
15/10 would recommend Rose River Farms! They're a very kind couple and it's clear that they care about where their pups go. They were patient with ALL of my questions and continue to respond when I contact them. Proud to have adopted one of their handsome Bernedoodles 🐾"

Aslan (Henry) Update 12-24-23.jpg

Henry's Family

"When my husband and I decided to get a bernedoodle for our family we looked at many breeders around Wisconsin and neighboring states.  We went with Rose River Farms and we are so happy that we did!  Emily was a fantastic communicator and answered all of my (MANY) questions.  As for our puppy Henry (Aslan), we fell in love from photos and videos but even more so in person.  We have had dogs before but we were shocked by how incredibly smart he was.  He immediately adapted to our family and was potty trained in a few short weeks - we were shocked!  We love the breed and adore our little Henry!  Thank you so much Rose River Farms!"

Pam (Milly) Update 10-4-23.jpg

Milly's Family

"We got a 9 week old Bernedoodle this past July from Rose River Farms. Our experience was nothing but great!
They are the kindest people and they really care about the puppies they breed. It’s easy to tell that their hearts are in the right place.
Well, more about the puppy. We picked out a female named Pam. We renamed her Milly Pam. She’s just 22 weeks old and she’s the cutest and sweetest puppy you can imagine. Everyone who meets her loves her and of course she never meets a stranger. 😂
We couldn’t be happier with our girl and our experience with Rose River Farms. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a new puppy. They’re simply the best. Thank you Rose River Farms for a great puppy and a wonderful experience."

Drizzle (Archie) Update 7-15-23.jpg

Archie's Family

"They are wonderful to work with.  Very quick to reply to inquiries and very honest.  They also provided us with lots of resources and useful information upon picking up our pup. We love our new addition!"

Aravis (Juniper) Update.jpg

Juniper's Family

"We recently adopted our sweet baby Juniper from Rose River Farms, the entire process was amazing from beginning to end. Emily was very thorough, you can truly tell she cares about her puppies. Our sweet girl has adapted to our chaotic family and we are so in love! We cannot get enough of her snuggles and personality. She is the perfect fit to our family!!  I highly recommend Rose River Farms if you are wanting to adopt a well cared for and adorable Bernedoodle puppy🩷"

Misty Update 8-25-23 (2).jpg

Misty's Family

"Emily was compassionate, kind, and supportive throughout our entire adoption process and continues to check in on our girl, Misty. Rose River Farms clearly loves their pups. We are so grateful for our beautiful, even tempered, loving fur baby.  She has been easy to socialize, is great with kids, and is well on her way (at only four months) to being a very well behaved therapy dog."

Reepicheep (Leonard) Update 12-29-23 (2).jpg

Leonard's Family

"We recently received our precious Leonard from Rose River Farms. He was 8 weeks upon pickup and 10 weeks old now. Leonard is the sweetest puppy, he was kenneled trained prior to us bringing him home and naps and sleeps in his kennel with ease. He sleeps and eats like a champ, and is extremely healthy. Our vet tried to steal him! lol! His coat is shiny and thick. His demeanor is perfect. Emily and her husband were amazing to work with. They answered all my questions without hesitation and are so compassionate with their pups. They genuinely care for their dogs and their puppy families. Puppy pick up day was a breeze (she was even in labor upon pickup!), she gave us food, toys, a blanket with mama’s scent, treats, etc - and the cutest bag to put it all in. I highly recommend Rose River Farms!"

Hwin Update 2-29-24.jpg

Hwin's Family

"Emily at Rose River Farms was a joy to deal with. She was communicative and informative and helped us choose the perfect puppy for us. Hwin is a healthy, happy dog, and we appreciate that she was raised in a home with caring, experienced breeders."

Elke (Amber) Update.jpg

Elke's Family

"We got Elke (formerly Amber) a week and a half ago and already can’t imagine life without her.  Sweet, funny and smart - already knows how to sit!  Clearly well loved by Rose River Farms and had no issue adapting to our family.  Definitely encourage you to look into these adorable puppies!"

Lucy (Piper) Update 12-30-23.jpg

Piper's Family

"I recently had the pleasure of adopting Piper (previously known as Lucy) from Rose River Farms, and I cannot express how wonderful the experience has been. It is evident that they prioritize the well-being and happiness of their animals. Piper has exceeded all expectations. Not only is she incredibly playful and full of energy, but there is a remarkable warmth and affection in her demeanor that is a testament to the care provided by Rose River Farms. She immediately adapted to her new home and family. My new furry friend is not only a bundle of energy and joy but also remarkably cuddly. She shows unwavering loyalty, but has already revealed a significant level of confidence and independence within herself. Piper is highly susceptible to learning and progressing every day in her training sessions. I highly recommend Rose River Farms to anyone seeking a loving and playful companion. Thank you for providing me with such a delightful and loving furry companion. Your dedication to your craft shines through in the exceptional quality of your puppies. I wholeheartedly endorse Rose River Farms to anyone in search of a playful, energetic, loving, and cuddly puppy. Piper has not met one person that is not madly in love with her and her personality!"

Polly Update 1-9-24 (2).jpg

Polly's Family

"Amazing family, Emily was great. She helped us add a little new pup named Polly. Polly is just amazing and has been the best addition to our family. Emily and her husband also walked us through everything we needed :) 10/10"

Tater (Oliver) Update 9-14-23 (2).jpg

Oliver's Family

"Our puppy from Rose River Farms is sweet, healthy and well mannered. The process was simple and the breeders are helpful and nice. I would highly recommend!"

Alice (Sadie) Update 2-27-24.jpg

Sadie's Family

"We recently adopted a mini Bernardoodle from Rose River Farms and we couldn't be more happy with her! Sadie is absolutely precious 💕 She is enrolled in puppy training classes and is doing so well! She seems very smart and catches on to new instructions quickly. We are still working on being consistent with potty training but she is getting better. She is great with all 4 of the kids and is a great addition to our family! We are so happy with her ❤️"

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