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Recommended Products

Not sure where to start when looking at supplies for your new little one?  Here are some of our favorite things that are 100% puppy approved!   

Our dogs absolutely LOVE these treats!  Even Lace (who is a little selective about what she wants to eat) will happily eat these treats!  Our pups love these so much that we even make sure to include a package of them in each puppy go-home bag. 


We think this dragon toy is too cute and our dogs think it is a lot of fun!  However, if you don't like this particular one, GoDog has tons of super cute toys that are very durable!  We always have at least a few of these toys around our home because they're pretty much all of our dog's favorite toys.  


These balls are awesome!  They are almost indestructible and last a very long time.  We generally recommend the medium size as this seems to work well for all size dogs.  This is another one of the products that we love so much that we make sure to send one home with you when you come to get your sweet little one. 

We especially like Lupine collars and leashes because they're durable and they have a wide variety of fun patterns!  An added bonus to this brand is that they offer a lifetime replacement warranty on their collars and leashes, even if they're chewed! 


These scissors are by far my favorite that I have found!  We groom our own dogs and I have many hours of grooming expirence.  They are a great option if you want to give grooming a try or even if you just want to give your doodle's face a trim!


This crate is a great option for your new puppy because it comes with a divider.  Puppies don't want to potty where they sleep, so the divider will help them to realize that is not where they should potty.  We recognize that crating isn't for everyone, but when your puppy is little, they may do well with a space that encourages potty training during the night. 


We love this shampoo because it smells great and it makes our puppies feel so soft!  The bottle needs to be diluted at a ratio of 30:1 which means that it lasts a very long time and it's a great deal! 


This is a great nail clipper to use if you choose to trim your dog's nails yourself!  As someone who has trimmed many, many nails, I want to encourage you to try to trim your dog's nails yourself, if possible, because it really is a pretty simple process.  It isn't as scary as it might seem and the "quick" of the nail is usually fairly easy to see. 


We would strongly recommend purchasing a slicker brush like the one pictured here.  Bernedoodles require frequent grooming because their stunning coat grows quickly and can get tangled easily when it's on the longer side. 


Naturally, our dogs all love this ball since it dispenses their favorite treats!  When we first purchased it, I was a little uncertain because the material of the ball feels like it might break apart easily.  However, it held up with no problem, even against puppies that are determined to get all of the treats out as quickly as possible! 


This toy could work well for all ages, but we would especially recommend purchasing it if you have a new puppy in the house!  It makes three different sounds and has three different textures on the toy.  It is very entertaining for a puppy as they discover the different textures and sounds of the toy!  I do want to note that this toy is not durable enough for heavy chewers. 


We have a few of these pens in our home and they are pretty great!  They are light and portable, which makes them a perfect option when you're traveling with your Bernedoodle!  Just open it up and you instantly have a safe space for your puppy to play in while traveling or camping!  Please ensure that you purchase the 36" or 42" high pen as the shorter options may not be tall enough for a mature Bernedoodle. 


We all know that dogs can get pretty excited and sometimes careless while they're busy playing, which is why we absolutely recommend keeping a bottle of this antimicrobial spray in your canine first aid kit.  We have used it for many years and can attest that it works amazing for small cuts and scrapes! 


These mats are a wonderful way to occupy your dog or puppy while also providing them with a delicious treat!  Our dogs especially love it when we put peanut butter on it (just make sure the peanut putter does not contain xylitol).  If you want it to take your pup even longer to finish licking their mat off, stick it in the freezer for a few hours before giving it to them.  These are also dishwasher friendly! 


We like to use these ear wipes on our Bernedoodles because they come soaked in cleaning solution.  This makes for quicker ear cleaning and less clean up than using a traditional solution with cotton balls.  We have also found that these wipes are the perfect size for a dog's ear while cotton balls are usually not an ideal size. 


All of our dogs absolutely adore this toy!  They love taking all of the squirrels out of the tree!  However, it is important to note that this toy is made of cloth, which means it does not hold up well to dogs that love to chew.  

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.*


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