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Puppy Updates

"Our sweet Louie, before and after his very first grooming experience!! He is so wonderful, I can't even explain it to you I wish I could have all of his siblings!!! Thank you VERY MUCH."

Bob Vance (Louie) Update 8-1-23.jpg
Bob Vance (Louie) Update 8-1-23 (3).jpg
Bob Vance (Louie) Update 8-1-23 (4).jpg

"Hi. I’ve been meaning to send an update. Great!  Her temperament is a perfect match for our family.  She completed Puppy Bootcamp last week and starts Obedience training in September.  My retired neighbor is officially her “grandma” and takes her out daily when I work, and the kids adore her.  I also can’t get enough of her snuggles."

Misty Update 8-1-23.jpg
Misty Update 8-1-23 (3).jpg
Misty Update 8-1-23 (2).jpg
Misty Update 8-1-23 (4).jpg

"She is doing well. Got her first bath today. Potty training going well only a few accidents. Kennel training has started. She has learned to walk with leash already and negotiate steps already on her own. A lot of socialization and has done well at busy events."

Phyllis (Ember) Update 7-21-23 (2).jpg
Phyllis (Ember) Update 7-21-23.jpg
Phyllis (Ember) Update 7-21-23 (3).jpg

"Just wanted to send you a pic of our big guy!! Gus is 56 pounds and 10 months old! He loves his hugs & long naps in the back seat of the car. Lol he’s such a home body."

Spud (Gus) Update 7-21-23.jpg

"Just a handsome pic of Archie (Drizzle) after his first puppy trim. Such a good boy!!"

Drizzle (Archie) Update 7-15-23.jpg

"He is absolutely perfect!! We have been so busy the kids can't get enough, I'm just so happy he is part of our family! I've been recommending you guys to everyone I meet!!"

Thunder (Rango) Update 7-17-23.jpg
Thunder (Rango) Update 7-17-23 (3).jpg
Thunder (Rango) Update 7-17-23 (2).jpg

"We took Milly to the vet yesterday and she did awesome. She is so well behaved and loves everyone. She weighs 17.3 pounds."

Pam (Milly) Update 7-21-23.jpg
Pam (Milly) Update 7-21-23 (2).jpg
Pam (Milly) Update 7-21-23 (3).jpg

"There's no words to describe the new best friend we brought home for our 3 kids. Louie is the best thing to walk through our door."

Bob Vance (Louie) Update 7-17-23.jpg

"Miss Stormy checking out the view. Such a good pup, very smart. Taking over my recliner! Lol"

Stormy Update 7-16-23.jpg
Stormy Update 7-16-23 (2).jpg

"Drizzle/Archie is doing awesome! It's been 5 days and he has mastered climbing stairs, sits on command, and is doing well with house breaking. He's a smart little guy! And a good eater! He's been a great addition to our family. "

Drizzle (Archie) Update 6-12-23.jpg
Drizzle (Archie) Update 6-12-23 (2).jpg
Drizzle (Archie) Update 6-12-23 (3).jpg

"Miss Stormy on her 1st boat ride. She was as good as gold!! We anchored most of the day and wasn't scared at all. When the lake warms up a few degrees more we will try swimming. Took her to shore for a potty break."

Stormy Update 6-4-23.jpg

 "Wanted to share a graduation picture with you. Russ has completed his "Level one manners" class. He's such a good boy. He also made his first visit to a nursing home last week to visit my uncle. He was a hit he's a natural at making people happy"

Russ Update 4-6-23.jpg
Russ Update 4-7-23.jpg

"Hi! Ziva is amazing and loving the spring weather. She is fantastic with the kids as well. She's a sweet girl and getting more cuddly too. So blessed to have her. Size- I would say she's about 50 pounds."

Topaz (Harper Ziva) Update 2-26-23.jpg
Topaz (Harper Ziva) Update 2-26-23.jpg 2.jpg
Topaz (Harper Ziva) Update 2-26-23.jpg 3.jpg

"I think Russ found his person…. He loves the whole family but these 2 are just ridiculous together "

Russ Update 3-5-23.jpg

"Hi Emily! Schatzi is doing very well. She continues to be very sweet, very obedient considering her age, smart, highly energetic, well socialized, very playful, and a bit spoiled! She weighs 45 lb. We let her coat grow out for protection in the winter, but we think this adult coat will be better kept partially trimmed. At full length there is a real tendency towards matting. And it is difficult to brush really deep. She loves us to pieces and we love her. We live next to my brother and the two dogs there and Schatzi often play together, in spite of the differences in size. She is very considerate of the older dog, and gives the younger dog plenty of rigorous playtime. The older dog is a catahoula and the younger one is a rat terrier, so we have quite the managerie! I am sending a set of pictures from the last couple of months. She loves to romp in the falling snow, and if allowed would sit directly in line with the snow blown from the snowblower. When it was warmer she loved running in the spray of a garden hose. Also. She eats well, a lot, and is carrying a nearly perfect amount of weight for her bone structure. In addition to photos, I will send a very short video segment. If it transmits to you, it is an illustration of how she could play 10 to 15 times a day. She has been perfect for getting Len out for more activity. We have mentioned your name to several people who have admired her."

Opal (Schatzi) Update 2-1-23.jpg 2.jpg
Opal (Schatzi) Update 2-1-23.jpg
Opal (Schatzi) Update 2-1-23.jpg 3.jpg

"Here are a couple photos of Oliver. Had a haircut and doing great. He is BIG! I was wondering if his litter mates are also big. He weighs fifty pounds already and the growth chart estimates are showing he will be a very big boy! I know when we picked him out he felt "sturdy"...I should have known! How are his brothers?"

Tater (Oliver) Update 2-25-23.jpg
Tater (Oliver) Update 2-25-23.jpg 2.jpg

"Hi Emily! Elke is doing great and we adore her. Very smart, a bit willful, and a lot of personality. We love her!!! I believe she's around 55#. She loves the snow and cold so much. Hope all her sibs are doing well and hope you're well, too!"

Amber (Elke) Update 1-31-23.jpg
Amber (Elke) Update 1-31-23.jpg 2.jpg

"Happy Birthday Harper!"

Ruby (Harper) Update 2-11-23 (2).jpg
Ruby (Harper) Update 2-11-23.jpg

"Harper was spayed yesterday. It has been a chore to not let them play. Tonight I found them like this. They love each other so much! They are pretty much inseparable. I probably have 100 photos of them cuddling. Finnley is already 40 pounds and really tall. The vet and our trainer say he is going to be a tall boy. Didn’t think I would get so lucky the 2nd time, but we are blessed. He is a vocal guy which is opposite of Harper, but so cuddly. They are just precious together."

Yukon (Finnley) Update 1-31-23.jpg

"Finnley and Harper are doing well. Finnley already knows sit and down."

Yukon (Finnley) Update 12-13-22.jpg

"He is doing great! He’s getting used to ringing the bell to go outside, he learned to walk down the stairs into our yard recently & he loves running laps with our other dog! He’s getting so big. We named him Gus!!"

Spud (Gus) Update 12-11-22.jpg
Spud (Gus) Update 12-11-22.jpg 2.jpg
Spud (Gus) Update 12-11-22.jpg 3.jpg
Spud (Gus) Update 12-11-22.jpg 4.jpg

"Harper received her Canine Good Citizen certification today. Next step is therapy training. She has the best temperament. By far the easiest dog I have ever trained."

Ruby (Harper) Update 12-3-22.jpg
Ruby (Harper) Update 12-3-22.jpg 2.jpg

"Just touching base to let you know that Tater (now being called Oliver) is doing great. Adjusting well…keeping us on our toes and bringing lots of joy! Our daughters were excited and happy they were in tears. Hope his fellow potatoes are all doing well."

Oliver (Tater) Update.jpg
Oliver (Tater) Update.jpg 2.jpg
Oliver (Tater) Update.jpg 3.jpg

"Harper is wonderful and enjoying life. She's been through 2 puppy classes and has 3 more lined up this fall. She has been the easiest dog I've ever trained. It helps that she can't ever get enough food! She does Pet Excellence next, then tricks and then Canine Good Citizen. It's so fun to watch her learn...and keeps her out of trouble. Took the ones on the couch outside today. She loves the pool...but can't figure out how to use her back legs when swimming so she eventually She can't get enough of chasing the hose and attacking the water."

Harper (Ruby) Update.jpg 3.jpg
Harper (Ruby) Update.jpg 5.jpg
Harper (Ruby) Update.jpg 4.jpg

"Today we gave Schatzi her very first full bath. She was as good as gold. She is very gentle. Becoming quite obedient and loves to be praised. In the house she is usually well mannered, but outside she plays and plays and plays. We have probably three or four acres that we keep mowed so she is not in tall grass. She weighs 27 lb today and is well on her way to master the commands home, sit, wipe your feet (we have her stop on a towel to dry off when she comes in from dew in the morning or wet grass from rain), crate, no, and stay. She is a cuddle bug and loves to be brushed. She likes to jump up on people, which we will be stopping soon, but when she does she is still very gentle with her big fluffy paws. She seems to have a very good sense of self-confidence and she is good with other dogs and children and other people. We are very, very happy with her. Her personality is perfect for us - heaven help us if we had anyone more active. She is way more active than our Bouvier or Pyrenees!! But her best traits are her sweetness and gentleness. And so far her hair is perfect - it is very fine and very soft and she has not been shedding it all. Of course, it remains to be seen how her adult coat will grow in. Thank you so much for raising such a lovely pup so we could bring her into our home."

Schatzi (Opal) Update.jpg

"Izzy is doing well! Our daughter renamed her! She is doing really well with potty training and loves playing with our daughter!  She is really an old soul in a puppies body. She’s so calm and patient. We had our 4 year olds birthday party last weekend and she impressed everyone with how calm and well behaved she is!"

Izzy (Amethyst) Update.jpg 3.jpg
Izzy (Amethyst) Update.jpg 4.jpg
Izzy (Amethyst) Update.jpg
Izzy (Amethyst) Update.jpg 2.jpg

"Elke is loving lake life - and the outdoors in general."

Elke (Amber) Update.jpg

"Harper is doing wonderful!! She started puppy school last night and was the most chill puppy there. "

Harper (Ruby) Update.jpg 2.jpg

"Ziva Harper was acting like a hoot and wouldn't do a nice picture! She is so happy! We may have let her sleep with us and snuggle! And we know you loved her soooooo much! She makes it so easy!"

Ziva (Topaz) update.jpg
Ziva (Topaz) update.jpg 3.jpg
Ziva (Topaz) update.jpg 5.jpg
Ziva (Topaz) update.jpg 4.jpg
Ziva (Topaz) update.jpg 2.jpg
Ziva (Topaz) update.jpg 6.jpg

"Elke(Amber) is doing so well! Sweet and funny and full of puppy energy. So happy to have her!!!"

Elke (Amber) Update 2.jpg
Elke (Amber) Update.jpg
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